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Guestbook for Dr. Phil Hatlen

Please post in this guestbook to share memories, express gratitude or simply say farewell to a wonderful man. 

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Pamela Jeffery: Dr. Hatlen
I was blessed to have been chosen in the early 1990’s as one of six educators from across the state of Texas to receive VI certification training through a Federal Grant program. Our training was through the University of Texas under professors Dr. Anne Corn, Dr. Jane Erin, Dr. Virginia Bishop, and Dr. Natalie Barraga, Emeritus. It was a fabulous program where I flew in from DFW to Austin every Monday to attend classes. Three of us stayed overnight each week in an old dorm building at TSBVI which was being used as an administration building. Dr. Phil Hatlen was Superintendent of TSBVI at the time. Dr. Hatlen made sure we had everything we needed while at TSBVI and made us feel very welcome. He shared his knowledge with us and worked together with our professors at UT to make sure our experience was all it could be. Even then we knew how fortunate we were to be among such amazing people in the field of Visual Impairment. I will always remember Dr. Hatlen fondly and thank him for all he did to help us during our training.

Friday, 26 February 2016
Twinkle Morgan: Phil's Impact
Many of us working in the field of visual impairments may not have had the opportunity to work directly with Phil Hatlen but we certainly benefitted from his influence and passion for this field. Our parents, our students and the staff that work with them will always be in debt to his dedication and work in the field.

Tuesday, 02 February 2016
Carol Evans: Phil Hatlen
A number of years ago I was invited to do two presentations at Texas Focus. A highlight of my time there were a couple extended conversations with Dr. Hatlen. There was so much on which we agreed in controversial areas in our field. It was an honor to have that time with him. Love and blessings to all who mourn his loss. No doubt that he continues to inspire many.

Friday, 29 January 2016
Wanda Maas: Phil Hatlen

A Blessing, pure and simple. I have had many years being a parent to a visually disabled and developmentally delayed daughter. I have met and worked with many wonderful educators and administrators, and some not so wonderful. Phil Hatlen was amazing, focused, brilliant and totally in tune with the student/parent. Each and every time that I think of Phil, I find myself smiling. His total dedication to the education of my daughter was evident every time we spoke. I will forever be grateful to him for his guidance, kindness, and gentleness as together we drove the education process for my child. For Phil's family, know that he was loved and revered in ways that you may never know. RIP Phil, many of us will miss you daily.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016
Karen Shelley: Memory
It was such a pleasure to meet and have dinner with Dr. Hatlen at the Fireside in Sellersburg while Dr. Hatlen was visiting APH. Such a great sense of humor. I appreciated the wonderful opportunity to talk about the ECC and his perspective of next steps. God comfort family and friends.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016
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