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Activity C: Case Study of a Child With Language Delays

Participant Guidelines

The purpose of this activity is to identify and describe potential differences in the language of a child who is blind.

Materials. “Vignette: Beatrice” (attached)


  1. Read the following vignette about Beatrice.
  2. Answer these questions in writing.
    1. There are several differences that commonly occur in the language of children who are blind. What differences did Beatrice exhibit?
    2. Given Beatrice’s age and visual impairment, do you believe these differences were appropriate? Why or why not?
    3. Assume that Beatrice’s parents have identified language as a priority for intervention. Based on this brief interaction, identify two skills you would target and one way to address each skill.
  3. Submit this written assignment to your instructor on ________________________.
  4. Be prepared to share and discuss your answers in class or via an online discussion.

Vignette: Beatrice

Setting: Beatrice, a 2-year-old with light perception only, and Dori, her 3-year-old cousin with typical vision, are eating a snack at Dori’s home with Scott, Beatrice’s uncle.

Beatrice: What’s this?

Scott: You know what that is, honey?

Beatrice: But what is it?

Dori: It’s a banana.

(Beatrice takes a bite of the banana.)

Beatrice: Do you like it?

Dori: I don’t like bananas. I’m eating grapes.

Beatrice: What are you eating?

Dori: We had hot dogs for supper. Mama cooked them and we all ate and ate and ate.

Scott: Yes, Dori. We had hot dogs last night. Beatrice, eat a little bit more.

Beatrice: Where’s my juice?

Scott: Here it is, honey. Is it good?

(Scott hands Beatrice the juice that was a few inches from her hand. Beatrice takes a drink from her sippy cup.)

Beatrice: Good.

Dori: I like juice. It makes my tongue purple.

Beatrice: Tongue purple.

(Russ, Dori’s dog, runs into the kitchen and begins sniffing under the table for dropped food.)

Dori: Russ! (excited)

Beatrice: (squeals) I don’t like Russ.

Scott: He’s not going to hurt you. He’s just like your dog.

Beatrice: Uh-uh. Barney my dog.

Scott: Yes, Barney is your dog. And Russ is Dori’s dog.

Beatrice: Is not. Barney is dog.