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Activity B: Encouraging Communication in Daily Routines

Participant Guidelines

The purpose of this activity is to identify strategies that will help families incorporate their child’s communication goals into daily routines.

Materials. “Intervention Chart” (attached)


  1. Read the case story of Raul below.
  2. Identify four ways that Raul’s parents can incorporate his language goals into their existing routines (the language goals are listed in the case vignette along with examples). You may also identify additional routines not listed below that are appropriate for children his age.
  3. Record your answers on the attached intervention chart.
  4. Submit the completed chart to your instructor on _____________________.
  5. Be prepared to share and discuss your findings in class or via an online discussion.


Raul is a 22-month-old with anophthalmia and mild developmental delays. He spends most of his time at home with his mother, father, grandmother, and two older sisters. Raul’s family primarily speaks English, but they do speak Spanish occasionally at home. He has a vocabulary of five words, which include sí, mama, papa, more, and hot. Typical activities that Raul enjoys with his family include eating at the table with his family, bathing with his older sisters, playing at the park with his cousins, listening to music in his rocking chair, and being carried by his grandmother when the family goes into the community. A speech-language pathologist and Raul’s family have identified the following goals for Raul: (a) increase his vocabulary from 5 to 15 words and (b) follow simple one-step directions.

Name ___________________               Date ___________________     

Intervention Chart


Increase vocabulary from 5 to 15 words

Follow simple one-step commands


Identify objects that are meaningful to Raul (e.g., a favorite bath toy). Select one or two objects at a time  and have all family members use the same name for the toy around Raul.

Help the family task analyze diaper changing. From the list, identify simple commands Raul could follow while changing his diaper. Examples: “Hand me the diaper,” “Pull the wipe,” “Pull your legs up.”