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Activity B:  Communication Pamphlet for Families

Participant Guidelines

The purposes of this assignment are to

  • synthesize information about communication development;
  • demonstrate understanding of the possible impact visual impairments have on communication development; and
  • demonstrate knowledge, cultural sensitivity, and creativity in developing a product that can be helpful to families.


  1. Review information about communication and language development in typically developing children and in children with visual impairments.
  2. Create a brochure for parents on a specific aspect of language or communication development in young children with visual impairments. For example, you may choose to outline the stages of communication/language development and the impact of visual impairments at each stage.
  3. Develop a brochure that is simple, straightforward, and family centered. Families of varying educational levels and cultural backgrounds should be able to easily understand it. Include references and additional resources, such as books, articles, Web sites, etc., that are written for parents.
  4. Present and discuss the information in the brochure in class or via an online discussion. Provide a copy of the brochure for the other participants.
  5. When evaluating the brochure, the instructor will consider
    • the comprehensiveness and clarity of the pamphlet in describing communication and language development in children birth to 36 months with visual impairments,
    • cultural sensitivity, and
    • overall aesthetic and creative components of the pamphlet. 
  6. The pamphlet and presentation are due on ________________.