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Activity D: Analyzing Resources on Communication and Emergent
Literacy - Instructor Guidelines

The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize participants with available parent resources on communication and emergent literacy development.

Time needed. 10 minutes to assign and 30 minutes for presentations after the assignment is completed

Materials. “Resources Rating Scale”


  1. Participants should locate one family-friendly article, brochure, Web site, or video on each topic listed below:
  2. communication or language development
  3. emergent literacy
  4. impact of visual impairment on early communication or literacy development
    1. For each item, have participants complete the “Resources Rating Scale” that is attached.
    2. After participants complete the rating scale, they should write a one- to two-paragraph descriptive summary of the resource. The summary should include justifications or explanations of low and high scores for each resource. Also, participants should provide the complete APA reference citation for each resource.
    3. Instructors may choose to provide the entire class with a reference list of the resources compiled by the participants.
    4. Have participants submit this assignment to you and share and discuss their findings in class or via an online discussion.
    5. The assignment is due on ________________________.

Resources Rating Scale

Name:__________________                                                  Date:________________

Resource reference:

Media type:



Online resource



1 Poor

2 Fair

3 Average

4 Above average

5 Excellent

Accuracy of information






Use of family-friendly language


















Timeliness (i.e., is it up-to-date?)






Cost (i.e., price)







Comments and recommendations