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Activity C: Concepts Acquired During Daily Routines - Instructor Guidelines

The purpose of this activity is for participants to identify concepts that children who are sighted learn incidentally and how children with blindness or low vision might acquire these concepts.

Time needed. 30 minutes


  1. Have participants consider common household objects found throughout most homes and make a list of 10 common items.
  2. Have each participant answer the following questions about each item.
    1. In what room or location in the home is the object typically found?
    2. What activities do sighted children observe adults doing with the object?
    3. Would sighted children participate in the adults’ activities with the object or watch them?
    4. What concepts about the world do sighted children gain through observing adults using the object?
    5. Would children with visual impairments know the room or location the object is kept in if they were not specifically shown?
    6. Would children with visual impairments be able to observe adults using the object in the same way as sighted children? Describe the differences.
    7. How can adults involve children in activities with the object?
    8. If the item is not common to every home, how might the TVI assist the family in teaching the child about the item and how it is used?
  3. Have participants turn in their answers and be prepared to discuss them in class or via an online discussion.