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Short-Term Programs provide short-term services to visually impaired students who attend their local districts during the school year. Short-Term Programs provide two types of service:

  • School Year Short-Term Programs: range from three to five days in length and offer  intensive, individual, narrowly focused training to academic students who are on or close to grade level in any area specifically related to vision loss, such as adaptive  technology, Braille & Nemeth Code, and tactile math tools in relation to the Expanded Core Curriculum. Close collaboration with independent school districts occurs before and after participation in these programs. Instruction supports the regular curriculum (TEKS) by teaching:

    • Disability-specific skills needed to access the regular curriculum (e.g., technology, low vision tools and strategies, math tools and strategies)

    • Basic concepts that support the curriculum (e.g., college prep, social studies, research, number concepts)

    • Attitudinal changes that support successful learning (e.g., self-determination, social skills, independent living) 

  • Summer Short-Term Programs: provide a wide range of offerings, from elementary to high school, academic to severely multiply-impaired,  in a broad array of content areas such as vocational, functional application of academic skills, independent living skills, social-emotional  development, and adapted athletics.

 If you would like more information about Short-Term Programs, please contact: Sara Merritt, Principal of Short-Term Programs (512) 206-9176  .


* on or close to grade level: Most of these students take the regular or accommodated TAKS/STAAR tests and pass at least one test. They typically receive primary instruction in the regular classroom supported by a TVI rather than content mastery, resource room, or inclusion support. If a student does not perform at this academic level, he or she should apply for our summer school program (the application is posted between January 9 - Feb 14 on our website).