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Low Vision Tools and Strategies: Secondary

November 12-15

Grades 8 - 12

Reading a bus schedule with a magnifyerThis class focuses on the unique needs of secondary students with low vision, including 1) challenges of accepting their visual impairment, and 2) learning to access visual information through use of tools and strategies. During the weekend we discuss issues such as self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-advocacy, problem-solving, social-emotional issues, social participation, understanding and explaining one’s visual condition and needs, optical devices, environmental modifications, reading medium, and access to transportation (including driving and alternative modes of travel). Students learn about the importance of feeling and being competent, and how competence expands opportunities in areas such as social interactions and independence.

Students will have the opportunity to learn about:

  • Their eye condition and use of functional vision

  • Skills related to the use of optical devices for near, medial, and distance tasks

  • Importance of developing and maintaining a personal portfolio related to their low vision needs

  • Use of advocacy skills particular to their low vision needs in school, personal, and business settings

  • Developing an extended array of accommodations to increase visual access to a variety of tasks

  • Working with their TVI/COMS to increase documentation and communication of visual skills and explain necessary accommodations to others

Most importantly, students learn from observing and sharing with one another. They participate in activities such as: a scavenger hunt on a university campus, a visit with a low vision specialist, use of optical devices to complete typical young adult tasks in community settings such as restaurants and the mall, and development of a presentation on information learned throughout the program. By participating in this program, students will have a stronger sense of managing life independently as a young person with low vision.

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