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What Happens on Registration Day?

  1. If a student will start school at TSBVI at the beginning of the school year, the student and parents or guardian will arrive on campus on a Sunday for registration. This gives the family an opportunity to meet with the school nurses, and meet the student’s instructional team and dormitory staff. School starts the following Monday morning.
  2. If a student will be starting school at TSBVI after the first day of school, the student and parent or guardian will arrive on campus to register with the Admissions Coordinator. The student and family will meet with the school Health Center nurses, the student’s teachers, and finally move into the dormitory.
  3. During registration at the start of the school year, as well as during the school year, the family will be given information such as class schedules, helpful phone numbers, and information about weekend and holiday travel.
  4. Prior to any registration, parents or guardians will be asked to complete several registration forms either through online registration in the TSBVI Skyward student information system, or by paper if the parent prefers.