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Course Description:

Abacus Part 2, Addition and Subtraction will teach the student addition and subtraction on the Cranmer abacus using the Counting Method. It is essential that students take this course alongside their TVI, as the TVI must be prepared to monitor learning, supervise practice sessions, and assist in implementing the use of the abacus in the regular classroom.

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For Students Who:

*Have either taken the Abacus Part 1, Introduction to the Abacus and Counting, course or have knowledge of the parts of the abacus and how to count to 999.

*Have visual impairments

*Are taking elementary math classes in which the four operations are taught, for whole numbers, values with decimals, and fractions

*Are unable to work easily and efficiently with "pencil-and-paper" computations

*Have a TVI (or another adult) available who can assist with technological aspects of taking an online course and who can monitor progress and provide practice on a frequent basis.

Learning Objective:

Students will use the Cranmer abacus to master the addition and subtraction exchanges, the addition of 1-, 2-, and 3-digit numbers, and the subtraction of 1-, 2-, and 3-digit numbers.
Important Note:
We cannot overstate the need for supervised practice between viewing sessions, in order for students to master the skills presented in the videos. In addition, elementary students will need support to transfer their skills to the regular classroom.

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