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DL TI 84 Part 2Course Description:

This Distance Learning course is Part 2 of our 2-part online course. It is recommended that students have their own TI-84+ while going through the tutorials. In addition, it is advised that students take this course alongside their TVI.

For Students Who:

  • Have visual impairments
  • Are in secondary math classes requiring use of a scientific, graphing calculator
  • Are unable to work efficiently with a non-talking calculator
  • Have a TVI (or other adult) available who can assist with the computer and downloads as necessary 

Learning Objective:

Part 2: Develop skills in using the Orion TI-84+ as a graphing calculator.

Length: self paced | approximately 1.5 hours

Important Note:

The goals of the class are to introduce students to the calculator, not to teach secondary math. The class is taught by a TVI, not a certified secondary math teacher. For help with challenging math concepts, please talk with your math teacher.

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