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 April 30 - May 3   (referrals due by March 5, 2020)

Grades 10 - 12

Students dancing at the prom
The Independence Weekend classes offer project-based learning opportunities to practice skills from the Expanded Core Curriculum. A class theme provides the motivational, real-world relevance for learning, and students practice a range of interdisciplinary skills by working collaboratively to obtain meaningful products or experiences. Students also have the opportunity to share personal experiences with others who are visually impaired.

Prom weekend is that wonderful time of year when TSBVI high school students, along with friends from around the state, put on their finest to dance the night away. We’ll have team-building activities on Friday and Saturday, and students will be encouraged to make their own corsages for the big night.



Group of students mugging for the camera before promExpanded Core Curriculum areas covered will include social skills, communication, self-advocacy, recreation-leisure, and independent living, all while participating in exciting activities. Most importantly, the students will be able to visit with old friends and make new ones, which hopefully will endure into adulthood.

When accepting students to the prom weekend, we give preference to appropriate seniors, then juniors, then sophomores, etc. Younger high school students are encouraged to apply for the Outdoor Challenge High School Weekend in December, and then go to the prom when they are older. Younger students are sometimes accepted to prom if older, accepted students drop out.

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