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March 29 - April 2 (referrals due by January 30, 2019)Students touring the Senate floor

Grades 9 - 12

Capital Experience provides hands-on, memorable involvement designed to develop understanding of, and interest in, Texas government. Students participate in activities on campus, around Austin, and at the state Capitol Complex, such as:

  • Role-playing the process of creating a bill and it bringing to the legislature
  • Visiting the Capitol for a private meeting with their local legislator or aide, to discuss a personal issue of concern. Before the visit, students research their topic and role-play this discussion.
  • Attending subcommittee meetings and meetings of the House and Senate, using low vision devices when appropriate
  • Using technology to:
    • answer questions about state government
    • develop questions for legislators
    • complete voter registration cardsExploring a relief map of the United States
    • write follow-up letters to legislators
    • create resolutions to honor one another for their achievements
  • Learning how to vote and the importance of doing so
  • Following a print or Braille map of the Capitol areas
  • Taking public transportation to the Capitol and touring the buildings, including use of stairs and elevators
  • Other exciting activities, such as visiting the capitol gift shop, and eating in the capitol cafeteria.

Unique situations often arise such as a personal meeting with the governor, or a visit with a legislative aide who is blind.

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