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High School Independence Weekend #1: Iron Chef

December 5 - 8, 2019 (referrals due by October 10, 2019)

Grades 9 - 12

Is your student a Team 1 with their contest entrybudding chef? Or, does your student simply need to learn how to cook?

The ability to prepare one's own meals is an important adult life skill. Children and students with visual impairments often have fewer opportunities to practice cooking than children with sight, due to concerns about safety and the time it takes to prepare even a simple meal. This area of the Expanded Core Curriculum may also be difficult to address during the school day. However, students with visual impairments need specific instruction in cooking techniques and adaptations in order to learn how to prepare their meals in the kitchen.

In this class, based on the premise of the Iron Chef television show, students will prepare and cook a variety of basic foods within a fun context, as they prepare food over the course of the weekend. They will learn a variety of culinary techniques, including using a stove and oven, how to handle raw meat, cutting/chopping/dicing, pouring, measuring, food safety, using a timer, storing items, working in a team, reading recipes, setting a table, and shopping/grocery store navigation.

In the dorm after school, students will also practice other skills of independent living (e.g., organizing one's personal area), as well as social skills, recreation, leisure, and self-determination. Simply being together and sharing similar challenges can be an invaluable, life-changing experience for students.

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