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Sexuality Education (grades 5-7)

April 13 - 17 (referrals due by February 24, 2020)

“How do you figure out if someone likes you?”

"I don't understand what the other kids are talking about when they use those words about their body."

"When and where is it okay to be touched?"

Do you feel uncomfortable discussing these topics with your child or student who has limited or no vision? Talking about concepts related to sexuality is challenging, yet instruction on these issues is essential for learners with visual impairments. They may not be aware of physical concepts, social cues, or body language, missing information needed to keep them informed and safe.

Specific topics for this class include:

  • keeping the body healthy
  • sexuality
  • physical components and processes of the body
  • protecting oneself from sexual harm
  • how to be a good self advocate

Students will be taught in a safe, supported environment, using approved TSBVI curriculum and accompanying tactile models. Female and male applicants are encouraged to apply. Students participate in mixed-gender sessions to facilitate practice having conversations about these topics as a group.

Students will also participate in additional activities related to the expanded core curriculum, including cooking, off-campus outings, social gatherings, orientation and mobility, and recreation and leisure.

For additional information about the content of this section contact:

Nina Wibbenmeyer at  or 512-206-9361. 

John Rose at  or 512-206-9131

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