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Student and teacher petty a pony

October 19 - 22

Ages 7-9

The Independence Weekend classes offer theme-based learning opportunities to practice skills from the Expanded Core Curriculum. A class theme provides the motivational, real-world relevance for learning, and students practice a range of interdisciplinary skills by working collaboratively to obtain meaningful products or experiences. Students also have the opportunity to share personal experiences with others who are visually impaired.

In Pioneer Times in Texas, students ages 7 – 9 will explore first-hand various details of the lives of early Texas pioneers. The foods they ate, the chores done by children, care of farm animals, gardening, and even some forms of entertainment will be experienced. At the same time, students will review and practice a number of Expanded Core Curriculum skills throughout the weekend, including social skills, orientation and mobility, cooking, money management, and for those students for whom they are appropriate, use of near and distance optical aids.

The students, of course, will just think they are having fun!

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