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February 2 - 5

Grades 2 - 3

Watch a music video about what a Paleontologist does.

The Independence Weekend classes offer project-based learning opportunities to practice skills from the Expanded Core Curriculum. A class theme provides the motivational, real-world relevance for learning, and students practice a range of interdisciplinary skills to obtain meaningful products or experiences. Students also have the opportunity to share personal experiences with others who are visually impaired.

Student explore a dinosaurIn Paleontology Rocks!, students will explore the characteristics of animals that lived in Texas long ago, including dinosaurs, amazing ocean creatures, and Ice Age mammals. They'll visit Dinosaur Park, an educational park filled with life-sized statues of dinosaurs, which they will examine tactually. They will learn to use a compass, to locate a hidden fossil site. They will learn about a fascinating career from a visiting paleontologist, discover what a "dig" is like, examine real dig tools, and then participate in a fossil dig, where they will use our critical thinking skills to identify any fossils they discover!

This class provides many opportunities to practice self-determination, independent living skills, recreation and leisure skills, and social skills.


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