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April 26 - 29   Referrals due by March 6

Grades 4 - 5Student ziplining

The Independence Weekend classes offer project-based learning opportunities to practice skills from the Expanded Core Curriculum. A class theme provides the motivational, real-world relevance for learning, and students practice a range of interdisciplinary skills by working collaboratively to obtain meaningful products or experiences. Students also have the opportunity to share personal experiences with others who are visually impaired.

During the popular Outdoor Adventures class, students participate in a variety of activities such as canoeing, ziplining, interacting with horses, and a guided nature walk. During their adventures, students learn about the Texas Hill Country’s natural history, urban and rural geography, measurement, and the environment. While the theme of the weekend’s activities is outdoor adventures, the underlying goal is for students to challenge themselves with new experiences, to assess risk-taking, and to build awareness about their strengths and challenges. This class provides many opportunities to practice self-determination, social skills, recreation and leisure skills, and independent living skills.

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