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April 22 - 25  (referrals due by March 12, 2021)

Grades 7 - 12

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City Travel for COMS and their Students is a class where the student and his or her O&M Specialist (COMS) come to Austin together to learn and practice a variety of skills needed in a busy metropolitan area. Many students with visual impairments throughout Texas are ready to learn about traveling in a metropolitan area—but it's nearly impossible for their COMS to find either time or a location to address these skills. Here is the solution! 

Would you like to have the time and opportunity to teach skills like these: 

  • Bus travel
  • Commuter train travel
  • Busy downtown one-way and two-way streets
  • Complex lighted intersections
  • Large indoor and outdoor malls with escalators
  • Large buildings with banks of elevators and revolving doors
  • A large university campus (University of Texas-Austin)
  • Much more!

Each COMS will design their own three-day schedule based on their student’s needs. Chris Tabb, the O&M Consultant for TSBVI City Travel  program, will facilitate your individual program and be available as a resource to you.

TVIs:  Talk with your student's COMS before referring to this class!  Only student-COMS pairs can be accepted. 

Students and COMS will arrive on campus on Thursday late afternoon or evening, and leave on Sunday after noon. Please discuss your travel options with us, and don’t allow transportation issues to keep a student from attending.


  • TSBVI will pay transportation and all other costs for students. 
  • We ask that your district provide transportation support to the O&M Specialist.
  • If your district says that they will not cover your costs, we can offer the following:
    • The Outreach Department at TSBVI will assist with transportation for the O&M Specialists (COMS).
    • TSBVI can house up to 6 COMS on our campus at no cost. There will be access to inexpensive meals in our cafeteria or meals can be prepared in the dorm. There are also several good restaurants within walking distance from our campus.
    • If even this is unacceptable to your district, please contact Sara Merritt, Program Director, directly and she will try to work with you in finding arrangements.

For additional information about the content of this section contact Sara Merritt at  or 512-206-9176 or

Kat Heitman at   or 512-206-9388.

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