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Students working on computersGrades 2 - 5

This series class is designed to provide students who are visually impaired the ability to access computers and screen reading software through use of a comprehensive approach including:

  • Basic computer concepts
  • Basic navigation
  • Word processing skills

Students benefit most when they have the screen reader already installed on district computers and have daily access to these computers so they can practice between sessions.

Students can choose to learn to access the computer in two ways: using a keyboard or using a refreshable braille display.

Keyboard: appropriate for students with a basic knowledge of alphabet, number, and punctuation keys and be able to compose and type simple sentences. This skill can vary, but students who have very little knowledge of touch typing will find executing the keyboard commands necessary to use screen reading programs (i.e., Alt + Tab) to be challenging. You can help your student acquire this skill by using the free Talking Typer software from the American Printing House for the Blind (APH).

Refreshable braille display: appropriate for students who are comfortable typing on a Perkins brailler and who can transfer skills to the keys of a braille display. Your student should have access to a braille display in her own school district to build on her skills after the class ends. If your student doesn’t have access to a braille display and you are interested in exploring instruction using this method, please contact Nina Wibbenmeyer or John Rose to discuss your options.

  • John Rose 512-206-9131
  • Nina Wibbenmeyer 512-206-9361

To borrow a braille display, investigate:

  • Your local ESC
  • TSBVI Tech Loan Library

Software to be taught in the TSBVI class must be installed on a computer that the student can access for frequent practice after returning home, in order to maintain skills.

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