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M4M2rel640x511rtGrades 2 - 5

This series class is designed to provide students in grades 2-5 who are braille readers with the ability to access math concepts through a comprehensive approach. This program includes the following four components:

  • Nemeth Code: supports students’ abilities to read and write math expressions
  • Cranmer Abacus: supports students in completing math computations using whole numbers, decimals, and fractions, as appropriate
  • Manipulatives: support concept development related to place value, mathematical operations, and 2- and 3-dimensional figures.
  • Tactile Graphics: support students’ abilities to relate 2D representations to 3D concepts



Students must have daily access in their local schools to a math textbook and/or handouts prepared in Nemeth Code, a Cranmer abacus, a braillewriter, and appropriate math manipulatives, so that they can continue to build skills between sessions.

Grades 2-3:

  • Students should understand one-to-one correspondence, recognize simple shapes and objects, understand that a number refers to a set amount or group of objects, and be able to count whole numbers to 100.
  • Solve basic problems, including story problems, related to addition and subtraction through 10.

Grades 4-5:

  • Students should understand place value to three digits, the operations of addition, subtraction, and multiplication, and should have the majority of the math facts committed to memory.
  • Students should have the potential to function mathematically on grade level, but require compensatory skills training to realize their potential, such as learning to use the abacus to complete grade-level computations.

For additional information about the content of this section contact John Rose at  or 512-206-9131.

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