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by Jim Allan ()
  • Delivery Method
    • WWW
    • CD-ROM/DVD (DTB)
    • Videotape
    • Telephone
  • Creation Method
    • Purchase
    • Develop from scratch (HTML, Macromedia - Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks,  Jave, etc.)
    • Content Development/Delivery System (WebCT, Blackboard, etc.)
  • Components
    • Course Interface
    • Course Content
      • HTML
      • Audio - Wave, MP3, RA
      • Video - Movies (Quicktime, Real, Windows Media, etc.)
      • Animation/Simulation - Flash, Java, animated GIF, etc.
      • PDF
      • PowerPoint
      • ???
    • Interactive/Collaborative Features
      • E-mail
      • Discussion/Bulletin Board
      • Chat (Yahoo, Cheetah-Chat, AIM, voice chat)
      • White-board
      • Video-conferencing
    • Testing & Assessment
      • Question Types
      • Scoring


Tools and Resources for Accessible Web Design

Information resources - E-learning

Information Resources - General

  Validation and repair tools

  • BOBBY, the automated accessibility checker.  Available at  Comes in two versionsone on the Web, one standalone (Java-based_ application.  Standalone version can check a whole Web site; the online version checks one page at a time and has trouble with dynamically generated pages.  Be aware that no automated tool can possibly detect all accessibility problems.  Humans are necessary!)
  • A-PROMPT.  An evaluation and repair tool developed jointly by Toronto's Adaptive Technology Resource Center and Wisconsin's Trace Research & Development Center (see above).  Available for download at W3C's HTML Validation Service, available online via the WAI site at
  • HTML-Kit.  Designed by Dave Raggett, developer of VRML specification; some portions of this tool are reportedly included in Allaire HomeSite now.
  • The WAVE, at  is especially useful in helping sighted developers see ALT text and recognize the order in which items on their pages will be read by screenreaders and speaking browsers.
  • Lynx Viewer, at

Tools/Resources for captioning, descriptive video, etc.