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  • Web Accessibility Toolbar
    The Accessibility Toolbar software contains a range of Tools:
    • To examine discrete aspects (structure/code/content) of a html document
    • To facilitate the use of 3rd party applications
    • To simulate the user experience of different users
    • References and Resources
    Available in English, Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish, Korean & German language versions.
  • Accessibility Extensions for Mozilla:
    adds features to Mozilla to make it easier for people to view and navigate web content based on the structural markup used to create the web page. It can be used by authors to check their structural markup to make sure it matches the actual content structure of the resource.
    Accessibility Extensions for Mozilla download
  • Web Developer Extension
    For Firefox/Mozilla. some accessibility, mostly developer tools
  • Section 508 Toolbar User Guide Specifically for Section 508
  • Fangs - Screen reader Emulator
    Fangs is a Mozilla Firefox extension that displays a text representation of a web page similar to how a screen reader would read it. This helps web developers finding accessibility issues at an early stage in the UI development process.
  • aDesigner The aDesigner is a disability simulator that helps Web designers make their pages accessible and usable for the visually impaired. Voice browsers and screen readers that read the text on Web pages aloud for people who are visually impaired are often less effective with certain kinds of content, such as highly graphical material. Web developers can use aDesigner to test the accessibility and ease of use of Web pages for people who are blind or low vision. aDesigner download page
  • A-prompt: A-Prompt (Accessibility Prompt) has been developed to assist Web authors in improving the accessibility and usability of HTML documents. By checking Web pages for barriers to accessibility and making repairs to correct any problems, A-Prompt will ensure that you are reaching the widest possible audience. A-Prompt is based on the guidelines for accessibility which are created and maintained by the Web Access Initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium.
  • AccessEnable (free online demo) make site-wide automatic fixes as well as interactive fixes to satisfy Federal and other web accessibility standards.
  • Accessibility Valet (free online demo - good) is a core Site Valet tool, dediabsigned to help ensure accessibility by analysing markup for conformance to web accessibility guidelines: specifically the WCAG and Section 508.

Bookmarklets: These are small JavaScript's. To use a bookmarklet, simply click the link. To save the bookmarklet, add it to your favourites/bookmarks or drag the link to your desktop.

Bookmarklet sites:


Many of the functions of the Web Accessibility Toolbar started life as bookmarklets. Below are some of the toolbar functions that are not generally available in bookmarklet form.

Please Note: These bookmarklets are only known to work in internet explorer 5+, some may work in other browsers, no guarantees given. Add them to your favorites by clicking (hold left mouse button down) on link text and dragging to links bar.

show divs

Shows the reading order (numbers) and borders of Div elements on the current page.

cell order
Shows the tab order (numbers) and borders of table cells on the the current page.
simple table
Shows Table, th td & caption elements on the current page along with recommended attributes for marking up simple data tables(summary, scope). A warning is given if summary ["No summary!"] or scope ["No scope!"] attributes are not present on the appropriate elements.
Shows Acronym and Abbreviation elements, and their title attributes, on the current page
show forms
Shows Fieldset, legend and label elements on the current page. Show the for attribute of the label element if present, displays the text 'NoFor!' if not present. Displays the id [id=""] attribute of form controls, if present.
Blurs the page content simulating the effect upon vision experienced by people who have Cataracts
deprecated html
Displays elements deprecated in HTML 4.0, does not currently display deprecated attributes
CSS Editor
This is an updated "CSS > test styles" function for the toolbar, the original was created by Jesse Ruderman. It is not yet implemented on the toolbar, and as yet their is no documentation.
Diabetic Retinothopy
Places an image mask over the current page that simulates the effects upon vision experienced by people who have Diabetic Retinopathy Note:the page cannot be used while the simulation is in effect.
Shows the HTML DOCTYPE statement in an alert box (if present)
show LANG attributes
Shows any elements with a lang attribute and the lang attribute value.
show Tab Order
indicates the tab order (numbers and sets border around) of elements on the page, also indicates whether an element has a tabindex attribute set.
test styles [updated version]
Apply /modify CSS styles of a page "on the fly"

Color Checking Tools

  • Color Contrast Analyser color combination tester, allows you choose colors using a color sampler or color pallets or input hex values for foreground and background colors, tells you whether the color combinations provide good/poor visibility
    See: Color Contrast Analyser
  • Color Tester:color combination tester, allows you to input foreground and background colors, tells you whether the color combinations provide good/poor visibility
  • Vischeck: Enter the URL of your web page (e.g. and the image engine will simulate how the page looks to someone with a color deficit.

Juicy Studio: Quality Assurance - Online Services & Browser Extensions

Colour Contrast Analyser - Firefox Extension 0.2
The Colour Contrast Analyser Firefox extension lists colour combinations used in the document in a table that summarises the foreground colour, background colour, luminosity contrast ratio, and the colour difference and brightness difference used in the algorithm suggested in the 26th of April 2000 working draft for Accessibility Evaluation and Repair Tools (AERT). Each element is also listed with its parent elements, and class and id attribute values when specified to make it easier to locate the elements.
Readability Test
The readability test analyses a Web page to determine how readable it is.
CSS Analyser,
The CSS analyser tests for basic accessibility errors such as colour contrast and units of measurement.
Colour Contrast Analyser
The colour contrast analyser tests whether the contrast between the background and the foreground is sufficient.
Luminosity Contrast Ratio Analyser
Tests whether foreground and background colour combinations are sufficient using a new algorithm developed by Trace R & D Center.
Accessible Style Sheet Bookmarklet
An article explaining how to create an accessible style sheet bookmarklet, with a usable example at the end.
Glossary of Terms Extension
A Mozilla/Firefox extension to reveal abbreviations and acronyms added by the author.
Complex Table Inspector
A Mozilla/Firefox extension to reveal accessibility features in tables. Also available as a bookmarklet for other browsers.
Image Analyser
The image analyser tests Web pages to ensure that images have been specified properly.
Link Analyser
The link analyser lists all links on a page with an icon to indicate whether or not the link resolved successfully.

Provided by Juicy Studio and developed by Gez Lemon

UIUC Tools

Functional Accessibility Evaluator v. 0.8.7a

Visual Impairment Simulator for Microsoft Windows

Other Tools


ART Simulator Powered by UB Access and SWAP Technology

Web Accessibility Inspector

Firebug - bug checker, dom, js, etc


Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility with Firefox article

Using Opera to check Accessibility - University of Wisconcin

Using Opera to Check for Accessibility- Webaim

Using the AIS Web Accessibility Toolbar

General Tool Sites

Web Accessibility Tools Consortium [WAT-C]

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