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Reprinted with permission from Texas Parent to Parent Newsletter (7)1, Spring 2008

Abstract:  this article describes two programs, one that provides refurbished equipment to persons who demonstrate financial need and another that provides an “auction” site to match donors and sellers of assistive technology devices and services.

Key Words:  blindness, assistive equipment, assistive technology, device reutilization, Project Mend, AT-Match


Project Mend

The first part of the new device reutilization program is a collaboration with Project Mend, Inc., an organization with a medical equipment reutilization program operating in San Antonio, Texas.  Project Mend, Inc. provides refurbished equipment through long-term loans to persons with disabilities who can demonstrate financial need.  The loan period is set for a period as long as the individual continues to need the equipment.

Items normally available include regular and quad canes, Hoyer lifts, regular and rolling walkers, shower chairs, trapeze bars, forearm crutches, scooters, transfer boards, bedside commodes, electric hospital beds, elevated toilet seats and manual and electric wheelchairs. All items are evaluated, sanitized, refurbished and repaired before being loaned and reutilized.

To contact Project Mend: 888-903-6363; 210-223-6363; Toll Free FAX 866-514-0876; FAX 866-514-0876; 1201 Austin Street,  San Antonio, Texas 78208;    Website:         <>.


AT-Match Auction Site

The second part of the new device reutilization program will be an Internet “auction” site for reutilization of assistive technology devices.  The Internet site, called, is an “auction” site that serves as a comprehensive Internet access point for obtaining assistive technology devices and services - a marketplace where donors and sellers can locate buyers for a wide range of assistive technology and durable medical products.  The site provides users with links to regional and national resources in a variety of related fields.  Users will find specific assistive technology devices at reasonable prices, post equipment for sale and locate assistive technology resources in Texas and beyond.  Assistive technology providers may advertise equipment at the “AT Store” link on the ATMATCH site.  All of these activities will be possible from one Webpage.

AT-Match Web Site