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By Liz Eagan Satter

Editors’ Note: Karen Crone, COMS, for many years the vision and deafblind specialist at Region 4 Education Service Center in Houston, and a friend to many of our readers, passed away unexpectedly on September 28, 2009. Liz Eagan Satter, who often worked with Karen during her time in Region 4, summed up the impact she had on so many with this personal story.

This is perhaps my favorite picture I have taken of Karen. This was taken July 15, 2006 at the Snowbird Lodge in Utah. We were out hiking during a break from AER sessions with Sheryl Sokoloski. Shortly after this photo was taken I lost my cell phone and then the “hunt” was on! I noticed it’s absence as it was my daughter’s birthday and was about to call her. Karen, being the kind person she was, offered me her phone so I could call her. Sheryl and I went on to find the phone, while Karen headed back to man the Region 4 booth in the vendor area.

The three of us spent a lot of time exploring the lodge and nature. Karen encouraged me as I attempted to overcome my fear of heights by taking the tram ride all the way up to the top of a mountain. Never once did she make fun of my obvious nervousness; she only provided support and praise.

Then the three of us decided to do the zip line. This was an activity where you are in a little seat strapped to a wire and you speed down a steep hill to the base where you have a sudden stop. Karen yelled at me not to forget to breathe. I kissed the ground once at the base. While Karen told everyone how much she hated them and that we forced her to do it. After much laughter and calming breaths later, we continued to explore the area and vowed to NOT do something clearly death defying again!

This is how I hope you all remember her—a ready smile, a genuine laugh, and a shoulder to lean on. I celebrate her life as I know this is what she would want. She was an amazing woman with so much talent, knowledge, but more importantly heart. The tears will fade in time, but her determination and faith in each of us will live on!

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”

—Helen Keller