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Efforts must be made to make the most efficient use of staff time. There can be many ways of using staff to meet student needs. This is an area where creative thinking may be necessary.

Ideas for efficient use of staff time:

  • Reduce or eliminate any non-instruction related tasks by providing clerical and/or braillist assistance. A well trained braillist or teacher assistant can greatly reduce the amount of time professional staff spends in material preparation and follow-up to instruction.
  • Evaluate whether the staff is providing appropriate amounts and types of services. If possible, reduce the frequency and increase the time per lesson, to eliminate unnecessary travel.
  • Reduce amount of travel by scheduling student service efficiently. Assign caseloads geographically.
  • Develop a "cancellation system" to inform the VI teacher of absent students.
  • Conduct periodic supervisory reviews of staff schedules to assist staff in maintaining an efficient schedule.
  • Consider establishing "cluster schools" to meet high intensity, short term needs of selected students, such as beginning braille students.
  • Train other school personnel to perform some tasks which would enhance their capabilities and reduce the need for VI staff time. This might include instructing school nurses in vision screening of students with multiple impairments and early childhood students, and training teachers of students with multiple impairments in increasing student's functional use of vision.
  • Creative use of flexible work hours and/or "comp" time can make a difference in the staff's ability to provide needed services. Examples of services often provided during non-school hours are: night orientation and mobility evaluation and instruction, and recreation and leisure programming.