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The following are factors to consider in determining equitable caseloads. This allocation should be reevaluated periodically, especially when students enter or leave the program and at the beginning and end of the school year. The VI staff and a member of administration should be involved. This activity should be addressed from the point of view of meeting student needs, NOT as an exercise in dividing available teacher time among students.

  • Determine the number of hours per day worked by each teacher or O&M. This should include planning time but exclude lunch.
  • Assure that each student on the Master List is in need of VI services.
  • Develop proposed ranges for amount of services to students: i.e., direct service, consultative service, service to braille students, service to infants. Determine how many students there are in each category of service delivery.
  • Consider the amount of time required to serve each child appropriately, including instruction time, consultation time, travel time, ARD, planning & testing, etc. One method is to:
    1. determine the amount of instruction or consultation time needed according to ARD/IEP recommendation,
    2. add to that an appropriate amount of time to include planning, ARD's, etc.- consider doubling the amount of time for instruction and/or consultation, and
    3. add time for travel to
    4. arrive at an estimate of the total amount of time required for each student.
  • Allow time to complete other duties as assigned, (i.e., lead teacher duties and other jobs if VI teacher is employed part-time in another job.)
  • Consider the total numbers of students in need of services and their geographic locations. Determine the number of schools to be visited; keep numbers equitable and assign one teacher per school.
  • The scheduling of students into a VI itinerant teacher's caseload should give priority to the VI teacher's schedule, otherwise travel time and costs are excessive and VI teacher time is wasted.
  • Allocate students to teachers based on the above referenced considerations.
  • Assure that staffing is adequate to meet student needs including instructional staff, related service personnel and support staff.