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DESCRIPTION: A term meaning a splitting of the retina into two layers; the separation is due to peripheral cystoid degeneration. The juvenile type occurs before 10 years of age, and macular involvement is frequent. The senile type occurs from age 20 on, commonly after age 40, and there is usually no significant visual loss. If no retinal holes develop, there are rarely serious consequences. If the retina does tear, and subsequently detaches, it may be treated with photocoagulation, cryotherapy, diathermy, or scleral buckling. If the detachment threatens the retina, it must be treated if vision is to be retained.

Retinoschisis appears to be an X-linked trait.

TREATMENT: Routine and regular retinal examination is suggested, so that changes in the retina may be monitored. Unless the macula is involved, no educational adjustments are indicated.

Genetic counseling may be indicated.

IMPLICATIONS: Limiting of contact sports may be desirable.

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