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Compiled by Teachers at TSBVI
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Table of Contents of this book

Evaluation of students with visual impairments is a complex, multi-faceted process of gathering information using appropriate tools & techniques. Informal evaluation should be considered an essential supplement to the use of formal measures and published instruments. In order to determine curricular focus and plan effective instructional programming for students, the staff must know a student's levels of functioning in all areas of academic and unique need. By conducting appropriate evaluations, students' specific needs related to accessing the general curriculum, as well as the areas identified in the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) can be identified.

EVALS is a 5-part set which is contained in a convenient file box with a handle and snap tight buckle. It will include:

  • Two books of evaluations for the ECC areas
  • One book of evaluations for academic subject areas for Practical Academics and Basic Skills students
  • Independent Living Skills Assessment and On-going Evaluation
  • TAPS Comprehensive Assessment and On-going Evaluation

Many of the evaluations have been aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

Section 1 Overview

  • Meaningful Evaluation 
  • Organization of Evals Book 
  • Locating Learning Standards for Other States        
  • Core Curriculum 
  • Modified & Alternate Curriculum/Learning Standards  
  • Expanded Core Curriculum 
  • Expanded Core Curriculum
    • Compensatory/Access Skills
      • Abacus/Counting Method       
      • Beginning Concepts   
      • Braille: Pre-Braille
      • Braille: Braillewriter Basics
      • Braille: Uncontracted Braille & Literary Numbers    
      • Braille: Contracted Reading & Writing       
      • Handwriting for Blind Students    
      • Handwriting for Low Vision Students    
      • Listening-Auditory Skills 
      • Nemeth Code: Elementary
      • Nemeth Code: Algebra I    
      • Nemeth Code: Algebra II   
      • Nemeth Code: Geometry  
      • Organizational Skills     
      • Slate & Stylus         
      • Study Skills 
      • Tactile Graphics Skills for Math
  • Orientation & Mobility
    • The booklet, TAPS An Orientation & Mobility Curriculum for Students with Visual Impairments: Comprehensive Assessment & Ongoing Evaluation has been provided.
  • Social Interaction Skills
    • Sexuality Education 
    • Social Skills 
  • Independent Living Skills
    • Domestic Activities  
  • Recreation & Leisure Skills
    • Recreation, Leisure, Fitness      
  • The booklet, Independent Living Assessment & Ongoing Evaluation has been provided in addition to the included Evals for Social Interaction Skills, Independent Living Skills, and Recreation & Leisure Skills listed above.

Section 2 Career Education Skills

  • Beginning Career Education I         
  • Beginning Career Education II       
  • Career Connections (Modified)  
  • Career Education Units 
  • Comprehensive General Employability      
  • Work Related Job Site Activities
  • Technology Skills
    • Beginner Braille 'n Speak/Braille Lite/Type 'n Speak
    • Braille 'n Speak/Braille Lite/Type 'n Speak
    • Braille Note
    • Functional Computer Use
    • Functional Use of Assistive Tools          
    • Keyboarding       
    • Low Vision Technology        
    • Scanners   
    • Speech Technology
    • Telebraille  
  • Visual Efficiency Skills
    • Magnifier Use  
    • Monocular Use   
  • Also see: Beginning Concepts, Braille: Pre-Braille, Listening-Auditory Skills, and Tactile Graphics Skills for Math in Section 1 of this publication for more Visual Efficiency Skills.
  • Self-Determination Skills
    • Self-Determination    
  • Transition Skills
    • EXIT - Level I, EXperiences In Transition  
    • EXIT - Level II, EXperiences In Transition  

Section 3 Alternate/Modified Curriculum

  • Health for Practical Academics Students
    • Health and Healthy Choices     
  • Language Arts for Practical Academics Students
    • Application of Reading Skills 
    • Beginning Reading Skills 
    • Handwriting for Low Vision Students    
    • Signature Writing for Blind Students
    • Personal Data  
    • Practical Applications
    • Sight Words
    • Telephone Skills
    • Braille: Uncontracted Braille & Literary Numbers
    • Vocabulary for School & Community
    • Writing/Composition
  • Language Arts for Basic Skills Students
    • Language Arts Skills for Secondary Students    
  • Math for Practical Academics Students
    • Basic Math Skills 
    • Measurement Skills    
    • Money Skills
    • Time/Calendar Skills  
  • Math for Basic Skills Students
    • Math Skills for Secondary Basic Skills Students    
  • Science for Practical Academics Students
    • Elementary Science     
    • General Science/Health  
    • Science for Basic Skills Students
    • Science/Health for Secondary Basic Skills Students    
  • Social Studies for Practical Academics Students
    • General Social Studies      
    • Texas History        
    • U.S. History (Early to Reconstruction) 
    • U.S. History (Reconstruction to Present)     
    • World History        
    • World Geography 
    • Economics          
    • Government       
  • Social Studies for Basic Skills Students
    • Social Studies for Secondary Basic Skills Students
  • Infused Skills for Basic Skills Students
    • Infused Skills Assessment      

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