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by Robbie Blaha
© TSBVI 2001 - 128 pages Order # 59436CAL

This book is written for students who need help structuring and organizing their time and activities. It includes information about:

  • The benefits of calendar systems
  • Calendar programming based on individual students' needs and skills
  • The continuum of calendars available for expanding students' skills
  • Communication and time
  • Benefits of anticipation calendars, daily calendars, and expanded calendars
  • Parents and calendars
  • Assessing and evaluating with a calendar

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1, Benefits of Calendar Systems
    • Calendars and Communication
    •  Calendars and Time
    •  Calendars and Emotional Support
    •  Calendar Tips
  • Chapter 2, Anticipation Calendars
    •  Benefits of Anticipation Calendars
    •  Guidelines for Implementing an Anticipation Calendar
    •  Calendar Tips
  • Chapter 3, Daily Calendars
    •  Benefits of a Daily Calendar
    •  Guidelines for Implementing a Daily Calendar
    •  Calendar Tips
  • Chapter 4, Expanded Calendars
    •  Benefits of Expanded Calendars
    •  Guidelines for Implementing Concrete Expanded Calendars
    •  Calendar Tips
  • Appendix