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Students in the Post-Secondary Program have many opportunities to practice their Independent Living (IL) skills.  They learn to budget and manage money, plan and prepare meals for themselves, organize and manage their personal belongings and time, and clean their own apartment.

Cooking Skills

In addition to learning how to cook in the Daily Living Skills class at Criss Cole, students can practice cooking (independently or with instruction) in their own apartment.  By the end of their program, students are expected to be able to independently prepare at least five meals.  To help them master these skills, students are encouraged to make at least one full meal a week

Students are responsible for purchasing their own groceries.  They will be given instruction on how to go to the store and use customer service personnel to access information about grocery items and prices.

Cleaning Skills

Students receive instruction in cleaning skills, and inspections are conducted every two weeks to enable staff to provide feedback about strengths, as well as areas that need improvement. By the end of the program, students are expected to be able to independently clean and close down their apartment.  Just like in apartments in the community, the condition of the property determines the amount of deposit that is refunded.

Students have access to cleaning tools, such as vacuum cleaners, brooms and dustpans, and mops and buckets.  However, students are responsible for purchasing their own cleaning chemicals.