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Participants will meet individually with PSP staff to establish long-term and short-term goals, schedule instructional appointments, discuss a transition plan back to their community and reflect on their progress. Participants should be prepared to take notes during the meetings, maintain appointments, and communicate with staff regarding rescheduling meetings and other instructional needs. These activities will enable participants to practice the skills learned at CCRC and at PSP.  Employability skills such as time management, taking personal responsibility, personal interests awareness, job awareness, job seeking and job maintenance are important components of the Post-Secondary experience. PSP participants also work on healthy recreation/leisure skills that they may continue through their adult lives.

Students are asked to think about the following throughout their program:

  • What are your interests?
  • What are your strengths and needs?
  • What is your vocational goal and what skills will you need to achieve that goal?
  • What skills do you already possess that will help you achieve that goal?
  • What steps are necessary to achieve your goals?
  • What kinds of timelines do you have for achieving these goals?