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Deposits and Rent

When a student moves into his/her apartment, he/she pays a $50 security deposit, as well as a $10 key deposit. Each month that the student resides in the apartment, he/she will be responsible for a $50 per monthy maintenance deposit, which is fully refundable upon 1) Completion of the Post Secondary Program and 2) Completion of the apartment move-out cleaning list.

With participation in the Post Secondary Program, students are provided a fully furnished apartment, which includes basic utilities such as electricity, water and garbage, as well as free access to laundry facilities and PSP student computers with Internet. Students are only responsible for other utilities they choose to have installed in the apartment, such as a landline telephone, cable, or personal Internet service inside the apartment.

Students sign a lease agreement when they move in, which outlines their rights and responsibilities as a resident/tenant of the PSP apartments.

Food Service

Students are responsible for purchasing their own groceries. They are allowed to eat at the Criss Cole cafeteria, but will be charged approximately $4 per meal.


Students will be responsible for paying for access to various modes of transportation within the Austin community, such as the Capitol Metro bus system, and local taxicab and ridesharing services.