Post-Secondary Program Overview

An overview of the Post-Secondary Program and instructions on how to apply.

Post-Secondary Program Overview

The TSBVI Post-Secondary Program (PSP), in collaboration with Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) and the Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center (CCRC), seeks to provide students with realistic, meaningful, school and community-based work experiences to better prepare them as independent adults in their future environments. We strive to maximize students’ abilities and employability opportunities by partnering with community businesses and organizations for mutually beneficial volunteer work experiences.

Participants in TSBVI’s Post-Secondary Program gain real-life experiences in the following:

  • daily living activities including cooking, cleaning, and laundry
  • consumer planning, shopping and budgeting
  • transportation and mobility within and outside of the city
  • personal advocacy
  • community recreational activities
  • organization skills including print papers, personal information, etc.
  • employability through volunteer work experiences
  • college readiness (when appropriate)

Work Experience

All persons attending PSP are expected to complete at least 80-100 hours of volunteer work experience. Staff will assist the student in locating a suitable work training site and assess transportation needs. Staff will also provide job support as needed. Students will receive an hourly stipend when they work at least 4 hours per day at a job site.

Community Experiences

Persons enrolled in PSP are encouraged to participate in weekly community outings that offer practical ways to demonstrate social skills, enhance personal life experiences and discover one’s interests.


Students interested in applying for the Post-Secondary Program (PSP) must:

  • Be legally blind and 18-22 years of age
  • Have received a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Have been accepted as a student at Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center
  • Be able to secure funds to participate
  • Be able to manage personal and health needs independently

Training Time

Students must commit to participating in PSP for a minimum of 5 1/2 months. Students may extend their stay if attending college or working. We offer PSP in both the Fall and Spring school semesters.

Our Facilities

Each one of our four apartments are equipped with furniture appropriate for a studio model and all basic kitchen equipment is provided. PSP staff are present for instruction and supervision. There is no overnight staff, but security is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Financial Responsibilities

Students are responsible for paying for all of their food and personal hygiene products, transportation costs, and a monthly maintenance deposit of $50. We recommend that students receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) prior to entering PSP or have access to alternative income sources.

When a student moves into his/her apartment, he/she pays a $50 security deposit, as well as a $10 key deposit. Each month that the student resides in the apartment, he/she will be responsible for a $50 per monthly maintenance deposit, which is fully refundable upon 1) Completion of the Post Secondary Program and 2) Completion of the apartment move-out cleaning list. All bills are included in the maintenance fee.

Read more in the PSP brochure.

How Do I Apply?

Step One

Interested candidates will need to arrange a tour of both the Post-Secondary Program and the Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center (CCRC). Both tours are typically conducted on the same day, but tours of PSP can be arranged at any time.

To contact the CCRC admissions office to arrange a tour, call  512-377-0349 or email at [email protected]. Your TWC Counselor will make a referral request to CCRC for the tour and you will need to indicate that you also are interested in the Post-Secondary Program.

If you wish to tour the Post-Secondary program separately, please contact the Program Coordinator, Tyler Thompson, at 512-206-9497 or email at [email protected].

Step Two

Complete a Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center (CCRC) application with your TWC Field counselor. This application packet will need to include the following documentation:

  1. Standardized State of Texas Eye Report, completed by an Ophthalmologist current within one year.
  2. Current physical examination within one year. If a person has diabetes, he or she must provide a BUN and Creatinine blood level current within one year.
  3.  Individual Transition Plan and Individualized Plan for Employment.
  4. Release/ Consent to Request Confidential Information or CB-3VR if a current TWC consumer.
  5. Educational assessments, vocational assessment data, official high school transcript, and Vocational Diagnostic Unit Assessment (if available).

Download an MS Word version of the application for the Post-Secondary Program and email to the Post-Secondary Program Coordinator.

Note: An application will not be considered complete until the student and his/her family have toured both the PSP and CCRC facilities.

Step Three

Mail your completed CCRC application to:

Admissions Coordinator
Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center
4800 N. Lamar Boulevard
Austin, TX 78756


Mail your completed Post-Secondary Program application to:

Post-Secondary Program Coordinator
4801 Grover Ave
Austin TX 78756

Or email your application to [email protected].

Please note: The application process does not guarantee entrance into PSP.  A committee composed of staff from TSBVI and CCRC will review each application, individual services received, and progress in those services prior to approval.

How do I Apply?

Tyler Thompson

Post-Secondary Program Coordinator
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