Transition To Adult Life

At TSBVI, we aim to partner with students, families, local school districts, and other stakeholders to define a good adult life for each student. We provide instruction and experiences that relate to these goals and challenge students to expand their skills, self-awareness, and awareness of the world.

General Information

Beginning no later than the age of 14, transition is a collaborative and coordinated approach to planning for the adult life of each student.

Information & Resources

Transition planning is a person-centered and outcome-oriented process which promotes moving forward from school to post-school life and activities.

Career Education

The Career Education Department of TSBVI provides learning opportunities that are experientially based and focused on students’ strengths and goal areas.

EXIT Program

EXIT is an 18+ program that addresses skills and concepts that adult students need in order to prepare for post school life. EXIT focuses primarily on the Expanded Core Curriculum. EXIT is part of Comprehensive Programs. Therefore, the admission and referral process is the same.

Post-Secondary Program

Experiences in Transition (EXIT) is a special education program at TSBVI for students aged 18 to 22 who have completed required coursework leading to graduation.

Side-by-Side Comparison

A comparison of TSBVI’s Post-Secondary Program and EXIT programs.

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