Summer Work Experience in Austin, TX (SWEAT)

Summer Work Experience in Austin, TX (SWEAT) provides training in Expanded Core Curriculum with a focus on living skills, Orientation and Mobility, social skills and lessons on employability skills. Students will also have a paid job opportunity in the Austin community supported by a job coach.

Summer Work Experience in Austin, Texas (SWEAT) Ages 17-22

June 9 – July 5

The Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired is excited to collaborate with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) to host Summer Work Experience in Austin, Texas (SWEAT). SWEAT is an experiential learning program designed to prepare students for independence and success after high school. This program will provide:

  • Intensive training in Expanded Core Curriculum skills with a particular focus on independent living skills, Orientation and Mobility skills, and social skills
  • Lessons on relevant employability skills
  • An individual paid job opportunity in the Austin community supported by a job coach

Student cleaning gym equipment

Requirements to Apply

  • Students should be on grade level or no more than 3 years behind*
  • Students should be able to work alone at a job placement
  • Students must be on the vocational rehabilitation services caseload of TWC. It is not sufficient to be on their children’s caseload. If you are uncertain about your status, contact your TWC Transition Counselor as soon as possible
  • Students may be required to participate in an online interview via Zoom.

Student working with medical supplies

Student Expectations

  • Students are expected to complete in-class assignments and homework assignments related to employability and independent living skills.
  • Students are expected to use a cane for mobility at all appropriate times.
  • Students are expected to spend weekends on campus during SWEAT. Students will be given permission for one off-campus weekend during the program. Please speak with Sara Merritt, Summer Programs Principal, if a situation arises in which a student needs to leave TSBVI for more than one weekend during the program.
  • Students will earn a training fee approximately equivalent to the minimum wage after deductions. From this fee, students will be expected to pay a minimal amount for living expenses. The purpose of this activity is to help students learn to budget and pay bills. Beyond these expenses, students may use their earnings as they wish.

Contact Us to Learn More

For information about program content, contact the SWEAT Coordinator:

For information about the application process, contact the Short-Term Programs administrative team:

*If you are interested in learning about a summer work program for a student using curriculum more than three grade levels below, or if you are concerned that your student lacks basic prerequisite skills for SWEAT, please contact Sara Merritt to learn about other programs that could meet your student’s needs. Options include Working and Living in the Community (WALIC) and classes within the Secondary Enrichment Program.