Admissions & Attendance

The admission process begins with a school year referral or a summer application. The teacher completes this online via our website. The parents/guardians help by supplying information and completing permission forms. The district and family should be in agreement on attendance.

Referral, Admission, and Attendance Procedures

The Referral (for school year Short-Term Programs only)

The school year Short-Term Programs admission process begins with a referral from the Certified Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments (CTSVI). The referral opens each year in August and remains open through May. Students can be referred at any time during the year, but the referral must be submitted 4-6 weeks before the scheduled class.

Students can be referred for more than one class, and they may repeat most classes. In fact, it is often very helpful when students learn skills, integrate them at home, and then return to increase their skills in a later program.

Make a Short-Term Programs Referral

Make a Referral

Important details

  • Confirm that your student is learning from a curriculum that is on or close to grade level. There are no exceptions for any school year class, including weekend classes.
  • Classes are short so learning must happen rapidly. Students must be able to quickly adjust and participate in a new setting, then retain some skills to show their teacher and parent after returning home.
  • Confirm that the student, family, and school all commit to attendance if accepted and will be able to support continued instruction on skills acquired at TSBVI.
  • Make sure that some form of transportation will be available. TSBVI can help with these reservations and costs during the school year, but not for summer programs.
  • No referral is necessary for summer programs. The online application is required for both school year and summer programs.

Your Student Has Been Accepted. Now What?

After the CTSVI receives notice that the student is accepted, the CTSVI will be contacted by one or more of our administrative team members to:

  • Send emails about travel information, what to pack, registration and driving directions, when to arrive/depart, staff contact info, etc.
  • Send email including all other forms necessary for attendance.
  • Finalize transportation arrangements if needed.
  • Discuss the process for completing or updating the student’s online application information. Except in extenuating, prearranged circumstances, the application must be completed at least two weeks before the program begins. Students cannot attend the program if their application has not been received.

The class coordinator will call or email the CTSVI to discuss the student. Returning students may be handled by email whereas new students probably require a telephone discussion. Other persons may be included in this conversation, as preferred in each individual situation (e.g., parent, math teacher). The purpose is to:

  • Obtain specific information about the student’s present level of performance in the instructional areas selected.
  • Obtain information about modifications, materials and strategies for working effectively with the student.
  • Discuss homework and other assignments that the student will bring if attending a week-long program.
  • Discuss various activities to be performed by TSBVI and by the local district to maintain skills after a Short-Term program.
  • Confirm plans for mode of transportation to and from the program.

Coming To Campus

As the student prepares to come to TSBVI, please remember:

  • Students should arrive on campus between 3:00 and 6:00 pm on the first day of the program.
  • When a student arrives at our campus, he or she must first check in at the Health Center before going to the dorm, even if the student does not have medications. If the student is bringing medication, all medication must be brought in their original, labeled containers, as received from the pharmacy.
  • Be sure the student brings appropriate clothing and toiletries. Appropriate clothing and toiletries.
  • Make sure to include a list of all textbooks and technology (including all components) that the student is bringing. This will help us get all belongings back to you after the class.

If driving:

  • Bring the Campus Map, registration information and driving directions included in the Parent Travel email. Campus Map,
  • For assistance with getting through campus arm gates or directions, call Security at 512-844-5173.
  • The closest parking lot to the Health Center can be reached by turning north into the campus from West 45th St. onto Miller Drive. Go straight until the road dead ends at Wildcat Run. Make a right turn into the parking lot. Park in this lot behind the Business Office Building, #608. Walk south (towards W. 45th Street) to the Health Center Building, #603 to register. Leave luggage in the car for the time being, but take medications and anything medically related with the student to the Health Center.
  • After the student finishes checking in at the Health Center, the Health Center staff can call our residential staff to pick you up at the parking lot to take you to the dormitory, or you may drive to the dorm, using the instructions below.
  • Walk back to your car to the parking lot behind the Business Office Building #608. Go right, driving east on Wildcat Run, which dead-ends to Sunshine Drive. Take a left going north on Sunshine, then a left going west on W. 49th. Take a left on Grover, heading south, to our Short-Term Programs dormitory, which is on your left at 4715 Grover, Dormitory #577.