STP General Information

Short-Term Programs offers year-round group and individualized classes for students with visual impairments. Students participate in classes and activities with peers from across the State of Texas.

We offer both school year and summer programs at TSBVI.

Our School Year Programs (August – May) include a wide range of classes addressing needs from academic to recreational for students who are currently learning from a curriculum that is on or near grade level.

Short-Term Programs offer both weeklong and weekend classes. Students are able to quickly learn independent living skills in a relaxed, positive environment that focuses on the unique needs of students with visual impairments. Students must be referred by their local Certified Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments (CTSVI). The referral opens each school year in August and should be submitted as early as possible. Please refer to the Course Offerings page for current school year class dates and descriptions.

We are pleased to offer a model of instruction that includes both on-campus and online courses throughout the school year. Each on-campus course will occur during the dates listed on the schedule but some of the online courses may vary from the calendar and will be determined based on a consensus of student availability. We are excited to learn together, build community, and have a lot of fun!

Summer Programs (June – July) include a variety of enrichment classes for VI students of all ability levels. Classes vary in length from 5 days to 4 weeks. The Summer Programs schedule changes each year. Please refer to the current summer programs (published each January) for details, or contact the STP Administration Team at [email protected], Nichelle White at 512-206-9332, or Phoebe Williams at 512-206-9241.

After School Programming is an important aspect to all of our Short-Term Programs on campus during the school year and the summer. The residential component of School Year Programs is as carefully planned and supervised as our day program. We know that the students’ time here is precious and we want every minute to matter.

Every student who attends a School Year Short-Term Program class receives residential instruction during their after-school hours. They are also given one hour to work on assignments they bring from home. Our program maximizes every opportunity to provide instruction in the Expanded Core Curriculum skills described below.

  • Independent Living Skills
    • Food Management (purchasing food, preparing simple foods, eating, setting the table, cleaning up)
    • Self-Management (homework, personal hygiene, time management, organization, clothing care and laundry)
    • Money Management (shopping, purchasing, money concepts)
  • Social Skills and Self-Determination
    • Getting along with others, having and being a friend
    • Increasing independence
    • Social appropriateness and manners
    • Planning, problem solving and decision making
    • Self-esteem and dealing with emotions
    • Self-advocacy
  • Recreation and Leisure
    • Enjoyable activities for free time, at home and in the community
    • Enjoying life while alone or with others
    • Physical fitness and nutrition

For a closer look at our after school program, check out our Residential Program Video with Audio Description.

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