Flight Procedure

Sunday Before Travel

On Sundays, tickets are purchased and an itinerary is sent to your student’s dorm manager.


Your student’s airline ticket information will come to you from their TSBVI dorm manager by the Wednesday before travel. On TSBVI Closure weekends, the Local Education Agency (LEA) is responsible for making arrangements for the cost of a student’s travel to and from TSBVI. The LEA ensures that there is no cost to parents for this travel. (See Commissioner Rule 19 TAC 89.1090)

On the Travel Day

On the day of travel, parents must be at the airport gate 1 hour before landing and takeoff.

This is required because the Flight Chaperones return to Austin promptly, often on the same plane they just got off.  The person picking up and dropping off students at the airport gate must plan for: traffic slowdowns, parking problems, long lines, toileting needs and security issues.  During your hour at the gate, please get the students medications ready and make sure they have used the restroom.  Students should eat their lunch before travel.

Getting a gate pass for pick-up (Thursdays or Fridays)

Someone must come to the gate to meet the student on Thursdays and Fridays.  We do not have time to bring students out of the gate.  In order to come to the gate, you must get a gate pass. To do this, bring a valid ID and your students flight information to the airline ticket counter to request one.  If you are unable to come to the gate, you must appoint someone else to do this and add them to your students pick-up permissions list. They must be at the gate one hour before the landing time.

On the Return Travel Day

Parents and guardians must arrive at the airport 2 hours before the scheduled landing. Get a gate pass from the airline counter and proceed immediately to the gate. You must be at the gate and ready to board one hour before travel. Please make certain your child has eaten and used the toilet before this time.

Getting a gate pass for drop off (Sundays and Mondays)

In order to get a gate pass on return days, you must bring a valid ID and your students boarding pass to the airline ticket desk to request a gate pass. If you are unable to come to the gate you must appoint someone else to do this and add them to your students pick-up permissions list.

What to pack:

  • one backpack, we are not able to use roller bags and we cannot check luggage.
  • cane or pre-cane. This helps with identification as well as travel.
  • State ID if over 18
  • Medications, parents should turn over all student medications to the Chaperone before boarding time. The Chaperone will check that the student has enough medication for the week. Students may not carry their own medications unless the TSBVI Health Center has cleared them for this.
  • Change of clothes and toiletries
  • Students should have lunch before coming to the gate (1 hour before departure).

Independent Travelers

Some of our students can travel independently through the airport if they have clearance from their team.  In order to get this team clearance please contact the Weekends Home Coordinator, Gian Calaci 512-206-9231.  It will take a couple of weeks for teams to reach a decision.  Here are some of the issues considered when making this decision.

Students permitted to travel without a chaperone must be able to deal with travel problems, such as: lost or stolen belongings, airline security issues, flight delays and cancellations, or personal safety issues. This requires a high degree of independent problem solving and advocacy skills.

Based on U.S. Department of Transportation guidelines for airline travel, a student requires a chaperone if any of the following situations apply:

1.The student is developmentally, cognitively, emotionally, or behaviorally unable to comprehend or respond appropriately to safety instructions before, during, or after travel. This includes instruction from Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees.

2.The student is severely impaired with respect to mobility and would be unable to assist in his or her own evacuation from the aircraft.

3.The student has sensory impairments that preclude the student from adequately communicating with airline employees regarding safety information.

4.The student needs extensive special assistance which airline personnel are not obligated to provide, for example, assistance in eating, assistance within the lavatory, or provision of medical services including emergency medical treatments.

Student Identification

Every student must travel with their TSBVI ID.  If they are over 18, they also need a Texas State ID.  This is required by the Transportation and Security Administration (TSA).  Getting these IDs can take months so please begin the application process in advance of the students 18th birthday.

Beginning and end of the year

Families or family representatives are required to come to TSBVI for Registration day and the last day of school to pick up their students and their students belongings. We do not ship personal items.  If you need assistance with Registration day or the last day of school please contact the Local Education Agency (LEA).


Flying can be a hectic and stressful activity for students and staff alike. Please do your best to ensure your child is calm, fed, and rested when they arrive at the gate.  A timely arrival ensures safe loading for all our students and staff.  We will do our best to be reliable, safe, and supportive.  Once again, if you have questions or concerns please call:

Gian Calaci, Weekends Home Coordinator

office: 512-206-9231

cell: 512-844-9362