K-12 Comprehensive Programs (CP)

Information about Comprehensive Programs, Residential Programs, and Weekends Home.

In our K–12 program, we collaborate to serve students ages 5–22 during the school year. Our collaboration provides an appropriate program on campus while assisting local school districts and families to prepare for the student’s successful return to the local school or to adult life.

CP General Information

General Information for families and students about TSBVI.

CP Calendar & Schedules

View the important dates and school year calendars.

Residential Programs

The TSBVI Residential department (the dorms that make up our physical buildings and the students and staff that live and work within those buildings) serves as our students’ home away from home when enrolled as residential students at TSBVI.

Weekends Home

An Overview of the TSBVI Weekends Home Program including Handbook Information, Contact Information, Travel Routes, FAQ, Drop-off and Pick-up Times, and Route Maps.