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Alert message

TO: VI Teachers

FROM: VI Program
Education Service Center, Region XIII

DATE: July 10, 2001

RE: ARD/IEP Supplement for a Student with Visual Impairments

There have been several questions regarding what to write on page 1 of the ARD Supplement under the topic "Plans and arrangements for contacts with and continuing services to the student beyond regular school hours. "Here are some suggestions for how to fill this in correctly:

You should document in-home training, summer or weekend camps which are being used by the district to address specific IEP goals (such as O & M, daily living skills, independent living, vocational, recreational/leisure skills, etc.) that the school cannot find time for in the typical school day, but must be taught in order for the child to have a FAPE (free and appropriate education).

When you respond to this, you should identify only the services tied to the IEP, such as the teaching of O & M skills early in the morning or at night when it is dark for a student who is needing night travel experiences, teaching daily living skills after school hours, and/or TSBVI Special Programs Short Classes.

This section should not be used to describe things that are not part of the IEP, such as the activities, summer camps, or weekend camps that the child participates in for enrichment purposes. An example of this is TSBVI Summer School.

Just remember that the services that are included here become part of the IEP, and if it doesn't happen, then the district would be held responsible. If services outside typical school hours are not needed to provide FAPE for a child, then it is perfectly acceptable to write "None needed at this time" in this space. This will be the response for the majority of students. But whatever you do, DO NOT leave this item blank.

We thank Marty Murrell of TEA for sending this information to us via e-mail.