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Alert message

Diane Barnes, O&M Consultant, ESC Xlll (7/01)

(list not conclusive)

  • Child has been newly determined to meet State Board of Education eligibility criteria as visually impaired
  • Full and Individual Evaluation -- TEA mandated 3 year evaluation
  • There is a doctor reported decrease in vision
  • There are student, family, or staff reports of incidents such as bumping Into things and tripping over objects
  • To address skills relevant to child's age and/or developmental level (e.g. child has increased level of moving across space --, scooting, crawling, walking; the system for routine school travel is changing -- no longer travel to class and other areas "in a line with other students")
  • There has been a change in student's physical functioning (eg. no longer in a wheelchair)
  • Student has moved to an environment which requires using skills that weren't necessary in the present environment (e.g. school with no stairs to school with more than one floor)
  • There has been trauma which results in neurological, speech, or auditory impairment
  • Role release: result of observations/consultations