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Note: in Texas ARD=IEP

Needed for All ARD's

  1. Is VI eligibility shown in ARD record? (VI eligibility must be shown even if visual impairment is not primary? This is necessary for student to receive VI services.)
  2. Is a VI teacher present? (attendance is mandatory; must sign signature page)
  3. Is there an IEP for VI services?
    1. complete VI IEP for direct service students, or
    2. include a statement regarding consultation services provided on IEP's of other professionals as appropriate
  4. Does the IEP for VI student indicate that the parent:
    1. received information regarding TSBVI (must be documented annually)
    2. received a list of resources in the community and state
  5. Does the IEP detail arrangements for instruction specific to:
    1. O&M
    2. braille and/or print modifications
    3. other training to compensate for severe visual loss
    4. access to and training for special media and assistive devices
  6. Does the IEP include a plan for services when the student is not in school?
  7. For students who are "functionally blind":
    1. is there documentation that each member of the ARD committee received information describing the benefits of braille instruction
    2. is there documentation that braille instruction is provided by a certified VI teacher
    3. are the students strengths and needs expressed in regards to braille

Needed for Eligibility ARD's (initial and 3-year reevaluation)

  1. Does the eye doctor report state
    1. no vision or serious visual loss after correction
    2. exact measures of:
      1. visual field
      2. distance visual acuity in each eye
      3. near visual acuity in each eye
        Note: if exact measures could not be obtained, the eye specialist must state this and give best estimates
    3. prognosis when possible
    4. type and severity of the impairment
      Note: If any of the above information is missing, you may call the doctor to get the information. This must be noted in the student's eligibility file.
  2. Is there a functional vision assessment which includes:
    1. evaluation of performance of tasks in a variety of environments requiring the use of both near and distance vision
    2. recommendations concerning the need for a clinical low vision evaluation
    3. recommendations concerning the need for an orientation and mobility evaluation
  3. Is there a learning media assessment which indicates whether or not a student is "functionally blind"?
  4. For students who are "functionally blind" does the student's assessment report document strengths and needs in braille skills?
  5. Is there documentation that, when planning and interpreting the comprehensive individual assessment, a VI teacher assisted in:
    1. determining the appropriate areas of assessment
    2. determining appropriate assessment techniques
    3. interpreting data to ensure consideration and understanding of the educational, psychological, and social implications of the impairment

Initial ARD's Only

  1. Is the form "Consent for Release of Confidential Information-Student with a Visual Impairment" in the eligibility folder?

Additional Eligibility Requirements for Students who are Deafblind

  1. Does the otological evaluation meet auditorially handicapped specific eligibility requirements?
  2. Does the audiological evaluation meet auditorially handicapped specific eligibility requirements?
  3. If hearing loss is not conclusively demonstrated, does a licensed speech-language pathologist report indicate that the student has a hearing impairment which impacts speech, language, and/or academic performance?

This document is a Resource for the Expanded Core Curriculum. Please visit the RECC.