Navigating educational resources and opportunities for professionals of students who are blind, visually impaired, and deafblind can be complicated. We’re here to help!

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Learn About Our Many Supports for Educators

The Outreach Programs of TSBVI serve as a statewide resource on visual impairment and Deafblindness for families and professionals. Information about requesting Outreach support is available by phone at (512) 206-9268 or (512) 206-9242 or on the Outreach Programs page.

The TSBVI Outreach Staff performs a variety of functions:

  • Consultation on Student Programming. The staff consults with local school districts on student programming, implementation of evidence-based practices, and transition planning, in coordination with regional education service centers. A request for individual student consultation or local teacher training must come from the local school district staff.
  • Family Support. TSBVI Outreach supports families of children with visual impairment and/or Deafblindness to gain access to resources, connection to other families, and needed training. Families can request information, home consultation, assistance to attend training, and/or helpful connection to other families.
  • Statewide Training. The staff provides local and regional workshops, sponsors on-campus workshops and statewide conferences, online courses, and live and archived webinars.
  • Publications and Materials. The Outreach Program produces original materials, including a quarterly newsletter – TX SenseAbilities (in print and on the website), instructional modules, blogs and a variety of distance learning materials.
  • Tech Loan Program. Subject to availability, local school districts may borrow specialized technology for use by individual students for up to one school year by completing a technology loan application. The technology loan program administered through the TSBVI Outreach Department is available to any local school district within the state of Texas.
  • VI Registration Coordination. TSBVI provides guidance and coordination of the statewide registration of students with visual impairments and the Deafblind census.
  • APH Materials Distribution. Specialized materials from the American Printing House for the Blind may be ordered from the TSBVI Outreach Program using federal quota funds to provide VI specific materials to eligible students.
  • Coordination of Professional Mentors and Support for Professional Preparation Programs. TSBVI provides professional mentorship to new teachers of students with visual impairments and certified orientation and mobility specialists. This is accomplished in collaboration with universities and regional education service centers that recruit and train new professionals in the field.

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