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  1. High school diploma
  2. Knowledge of DOS, Windows and/or other computer operating system
  3. Excellent keyboarding skills
  4. Ability to learn and demonstrate an understanding of braille in accordance with National Library Service standards

General Job Description:

The braillist/tactual materials specialist for children with visual impairments provides braille embossed materials as determined by the VI teacher and the classroom teacher.


  1. Braille classroom materials for the current and upcoming years, including:
    • textbooks for all subjects
    • teacher-made materials
    • pictorial layouts
    • math and science notations
    • workbooks for all subjects
    • tactile maps
    • music notation
    • foreign languages.
  2. Maintain inventory for VI department
    • brailled materials
    • ordering and maintaining equipment
    • repairing equipment
    • library of braille (tactual) materials.
  3. Order and maintain the supply of office products.
  4. Locate and obtain brailled textbooks and workbooks for students.
  5. Coordinate delivery of brailled (or other tactual) materials to the appropriate schools.
  6. Supervise clerical assistants, where appropriate:
    • material output
    • professional responsibilities
    • instruction
    • operation of computer systems
    • use of software
    • braille formatting
    • use of brailling equipment.
  7. Attend workshops/seminars for continuous upgrading of services and equipment.
  8. Participate in professional development opportunities to advance braille skills beyond basic levels. This may include participation in the braille program offered by the National Library Service
  9. Carry out braille basic formatting for literary, foreign language, and Nemeth code rules, except when modifications are requested by VI teacher to accommodate braille reading ability of individual students.


  1. Accurate and timely work to be evaluated by VI professional and special education administration in accordance with school board policy.

Professional Standards

  1. Complete job duties in a timely manner.
  2. Maintain an organized work area.