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Diane Barnes, O&M Consultant, ESC X111 (7/2001)

Step One: Child/Student must meet State Board of Education eligibility criteria as visually impaired

Step Two: The Functional Vision Evaluation (FVE) has indicated the need for an O&M evaluation.

Step Three: The request for an O&M evaluation has been documented (Referral) through the IFSP/ARD process.

Step Four: You are contacted by the Vl teacher.

Step Five: You conduct the evaluation.

Step Six: You write and submit the O&M report to ECI and the district's Special Education Dept. (Vl teacher, Sp. Ed. Director, Diagnostician).

*The process stops here (step six) if there are not recommended O&M services

Step Seven: IFSP or ARD committee accepts recommendations; if ARD, submit IEP goals and objectives. Be prepared to express how often you want to work with the child/student (eg. 1x weekly, 30 minute sessions)

Step Eight: You schedule child/student for O&M services; for the birth to 3 year olds, schedule through the parent (inform VI teacher and ECI); for school age, schedule through the VI teacher and/or classroom teacher (w/ parent's awareness/input); if working "after school hours", schedule through the parent (this should be documented in the ARD papers)

Step Nine: You work with child/student - to include consulting with parents, classroom and Vl teachers, ECI, and other therapists (eg. Speech, OT, PT)

Step Ten: You submit progress at 6 month and annual IFSP review meeting (less informal - give verbal and ECI note taker will document in their paperwork); if student, you submit formal progress reports (send to Sp. Ed. Director and parent) at the end of each district's grading period (6 or 9 weeks)

Step Eleven: You report (some districts require a written report, some accept verbal) on yearly progress at the annual ARD.  Use (bring) the IEP when addressing the student's progress.

Step Twelve: You submit the next year's IEP goals and objectives, or you discontinue O&M services. Although all districts do not require an annual written report, it is suggested that you submit one, (particularly) if you are discontinuing services.