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By Diane Barnes, COMS, Region 13 ESC, Austin, Texas


*Documentation is a standard requirement in all districts. However, the process of the documentation differs from district to district. For example, all districts require progress reports turned in at the conclusion of each school's grade reporting period. Some districts have standardized forms, some allow staff to turn in information in a non-form format. Contact individual districts and inquire about each district's required documentation systems.

NOTE: if you use a sample form in this notebook, please whiteout the district's school's / ESC's name  unless, of course you're working in the particular district.

General documentation:

  • Progress reports - These are mandated by TEA, and required on all students receiving direct services. Address all areas on the IEP - you do not have to work on every objective each reporting period, but you do have to address it. Turned these in in on a 6 or 9 week basis, coinciding with the district's reporting periods.
  • Contact logs - communications / consultations with teachers, administration, and parents regarding student issues
  • IEP - Refer back to this regularly. It keeps you focused / in compliance
  • Lesson plans - dated log of lessons used and student's performances. Again, it keeps you focused in the continual evaluation of student's progress. Include training environments, date of training, teaching strategies, tools / materials used, and student behaviors.
  • Evaluation and annual reports
  • Mileage log