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Sequence Of "Orientation" Process

  • The child learns to understand the spatial dimensions of her body.
  • The child learns about the immediate "world" surrounding her own body.
  • The child learns about her world in larger and larger dimensions including the environmental content of each setting.

Sequence Of "Mobility" Process

  • The child is first tied to reflexive, involuntary movements.
  • As the reflexes integrate, the child's motor acts are based on physical actions to seek a pleasurable response.
  • The child learns to act with intention toward a specific object.
  • Motor skills are refined to reflect both skill acquisition and refinement of "quality of movement".
  • With increased movement capabilities and specialized equipment (as needed), the child moves out into space with simple goal directed intention… later with increased exploration opportunities, the child is capable of improved mobility with more complex goal directed intention.

Tanni L. Anthony, 1988