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This page is a place to find resources and information related to Orientation and Mobility. The information and resources found here are intended for the whole Team: professionals, families, and students. This page is intended to provide access to a wide variety of information and resources related to students with visual impairments and deafblindness. Please send ideas for additional resources or features you would like included to Outreach Statewide Orientation and Mobility Consultant, Chris Tabb at .

Quick links for sections on this page:


Blogs, Listservs, and LiveBinders

Education Codes And Legal References

IDEA, Related Services (Sec. 300.34)

Texas Education Code (Specific to Children with Visual Impairments, Sec. 30.002)

Q&A: Expanded Core Curriculum Instruction and Orientation and Mobility Evaluations (Word Format)

Region 18 Legal Framework - summarizes federal and state law by topic

TEA Special Education Rules and Regulations - a resource for federal and state laws, rules, and regulations that covern the delivery of special education servcies in public schools. (As of April 4, 2014 has not been updated to reflect changes related to HB 590 or SB 39.)

Pedestrian Laws in Texas (Sec. 552.010 specific to Blind Pedestrians)Sec. 552.010 specific to Blind Pedestrians)

White Cane Definition and Service Animals in Texas (Sec. 121.002, Sec. 121.005, and Sec. 121.006)121.002, Sec. 121.005, and Sec. 121.006)


Teaching Age-Appropriate Purposeful Skills (TAPS) Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI) resource that is an Orientation and Mobility Curriculum for Students with Visual Impairments and includes activities and suggestions instruction, assessment, writing evaluations, street crossing details, working with students with ambulatory devices, the list goes on, and on, and on.

Orientation and Mobility Visual Impairment Scale of Service Intensity of Texas (O&M-VISSIT) The O&M VISSIT: Orientation & Mobility Visual Impairment Scale of Service Intensity of Texas is designed to guide orientation and mobility (O&M) specialists in determining the type and amount of itinerant O&M services to recommend for students on their caseload.

New Mexico School for the Blind Orientation and Mobilty Inventory Another option for ongoing evaluation of students' present levels of performance and a terrific tool for planning appropriate goals and objectives.

Guidelines and Standards for Educating Students with Visual Impairments - a "go-to" document for everything about serving students with visual impairments.

Benefits of O&M

General Orientation and Mobility Recommendations for Functional Programs

Michigan O&M Severity Rating Scale 2013 - two downloadable intensity of service scales from the Michigan Department of Education. One for students with visual impairments (OMSRS) and one for students with visual impairments and additional disabilities (OMSRS+).

T-TESS Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System for COMS as a PDF document

Introduction to T-TESS for COMS document for COMS and Administrators PDF

Professional Development Assessment System (PDAS) Companion for VI Professionals: Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialists (COMS©)

VI and O&M Preparation in Texas

What Should I Charge for Contractual Services? (Word or PDF)

What is the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC)?

Training Events

Southwest Orientation and Mobility Association (SWOMA) is a Southwest regional conference. SWOMA typically occurs annually in or near the beginning of November. Visit the SWOMA Conference Page for additional information.

For other training opportunities around the state and nation, please see the Statewide Calendar of Training Events.


TSBVI's Online Learning, Orientation and Mobility

International Orientation and Mobility Online Symposium (IOMOS), Recorded Sessions

Washington State School for the Blind, "Video Clips on Blindness Tips"

Guide Technique from Project IDEAL

How a Blind Person Uses a Cane from BreakingBlind

How To Offer Help To A Blind Person

O & M Video for Parents from Arkansas School for the Blind

Wheelchair Orientation and Mobility from Perkins

Lighthouse O&M Folding Cane Construction from East Texas Lighthouse for the Blind in Tyler

Lighthouse O&M Escalator Training from East Texas Lighthouse for the Blind in Tyler


Perkins E-Learning Webinars

Paths To Literacy (Collaborative between Perkins and TSBVI)

Paths to Technology

An Introduction to Orientation and Mobility Skills- Vision Aware

Perkins Scout Orientation and Mobility- Perkins School

Cane and Compass - Blog posts and lesson ideas for Orientation and Mobility