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Notes from install of Notepad++ (circa 2012). Your mileage may vary. The two most important things in here are the "F6" save_compile_and_download hot key and the setting of the larger print size (28) for our VI students. I intend to update and add more detail to this at some point. If you are reading this and have questions, contact us and it will accelerate the update process.

## 2012-11-13 - add notepad++ to laptop (Dell)

download (or current version)

Run the installer

on the Choose Compents screen (check) "Use the old, obsolete and Monstrous icon

#Add plugin NppExec

Plugins > Plugin manager > (check) NppExec -- INSTALL;

restart notepad++

F6 (same as Plugins > NppExec)

in the "Execute Commands:" box enter the following

   NPP_SAVE "C:\Program Files (x86)\BricxCC\nbc.exe" "$(CURRENT_DIRECTORY)\launcher.nxc" -d -Z2



Settings > Preferences > General Toolbar

  • (check) Hide TabBar
  • (un-check) reduce
  • (check) double click to close document

Settings > Preferences > Editing

  • Folder Margin Style (check) none
  • Multi-Editing Settings (check) enable

Settings > Preferences > MISC.

  • SMART highligting (check)
  • Highlighting is case sensitive (check)
  • show only filename in the title bar Clickable Link settings (un-check) enable

Settings > Style Configurator

  • font size: 28
  • (check) bold
  • (check) enable global font
  • (check) enable global font size
  • (check) enable global bold font style